Best scooter tour in Cozumel !

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Discover the best places of Cozumel !

60 km to explore by your own with the scooter discovering the best places in the island of Cozumel !

Our recommendation to you is to visit , down town , east side beaches , punta sur natural reserve park.

Scooter tour     

Uvas Beach Club

Your first stop is at the “PLAYA UVAS“ exclusive beach club located on the west side of the island having opened its doors to the public in 2013, it s a new place that has a swimming pool, showers, drinks, delicious snacks, lockers and a beautiful place to snorkel. It is worth mentioning that you do not need to hire any tours there, as our snorkeling equipment and expert guide are already include.

No experience required!

El Cedral

El Cedral is a small settlement where the first catholic mass in the country took place. It keeps beautiful stories such as the wedding of ancient Mayan princess.

Here you will be able to find arts and crafts as well as unique jewelry made of black coral. Cedral is one of the only places allowed to extract the precious black coral from the ocean.

Punta Sur Natural Reserve Park

You can continue your adventure on the PUNTA SUR natural reserve, which is part of the PUNTA SUR NATIONAL PARK, a protected insular area that covers beaches, lagoons, rainforest, mangrove zones and the coral reef that surrounds the place. It is approximately 1 square mile.

The Celarian lighthouse is located on the farthest southern point of la Punta with a nautical museum at its base that offers historical information of the place.

A beautiful ecologic reserve worth visiting as you can see flora, wildlife, spectacular scenes from the Celarian lighthouse which is now a nautical museum. You can also walk up to the top of the light house and see the Riviera Maya and the Caribbean Sea. Historic reptiles such as crocodiles from the Colombia lagoon and giant iguanas that make Punta Sur their home are part of the spectacle. It is very common to see some species that are only found in Cozumel such as the pigmy raccoon, the Cozumel coati, the Cozumel possum, the boar and the lagartija picosombra (Aspidoscelis cozumela). Some of these species cross the road calmly and fearlessly therefore you will most likely be able to see them walking around during your jeep tour.  It is worth mentioning that there are no large animals in Cozumel that can be dangerous to human beings, this makes it safe for those who want to watch beautiful species in their natural habitat without being in danger.

This reserve also has a lagoon where you can safely see the home of the American crocodile up close. There is a pier that goes well into the lagoon from where you will be able to see the majesty of these creatures on sunny days. You can also witness and incredible spectacle from the months of July to October, thousands of sea turtles arriving to spawn on the island.

East Coast Beach

After visiting Punta Sur you can go towards the other side of the island; the beaches on the east coast zone, a very calm are where there is only one hotel, not many people or much traffic. It is a great beach with white sand. A scenario of beaches not well known to most, therefore unique.

This area holds many secret places your guide will share with you.

Caverns, wholes in rocks that make the ocean explode spectacularly as they are hit by the water, small settlements on the beachfront in the middle of the immense stretch of sand next to the road where it seems time can came to a stop! You will be able to relax on a great hammock while enjoying a drink or a local snack such as coconuts and mojitos

San Gevasio Ruins

This pre-Hispanic settlement, located in an ancient cattle ranch, was baptized in the 20th century with the name of the owner´s saint.

The place has a variety of architectural complexes joined by a web of Sacbe or white roads. Their main complexes are called Manitas, Chichan Nah (small house) El Alamo, Nohoch Nah (great house) Murcielagos, Ka´na Nah (tall house) and El Ramonal, the latter is still in the process of being explored not opened to the public.

The Spanish chroniclers refer to the various Mayan settlements that existed in Cozumel upon their arrival, as being associated with the cult of the Ixchel goddess, patron saint of medicine and births. However, these references correspond to a place that is destroyed, located on the site where the city of San Miguel de Cozumel is , where the oracle dedicated to the goddess was. No archeological evidence has been found in San Gervasio linking it to the Ixchel cult.

Mayan Village (Optional No Cost)

The Mayan Village is a spectacular replica of the villas where the Mayas lived hundreds of years ago. Some of our hosts are descendents from these cultures, who will share with us some anecdotes and experiences from their ancestors. The will show us how they use things, customs, food, drink and culture practiced in those magical towns.

Malecon and Downtown


Downtown Cozumel is located next to the boardwalk, right next to where the ferries arrive from Playa del Carmen. Here you can find a good number of inexpensive restaurants with great dishes, arts and crafts stores and jewelry stores. The streets and houses of downtown Cozumel still preserve the small Caribbean island style which will make you feel as if you were in a beautiful small town from the seaside region.

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